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You and Your Business

What is the name of the Surveyor?

Please check your Surname and ensure the first character is uppercase and all other characters are lowercase. If your surname includes an apostrophe e.g. O’Brien, please ensure you enter your surname with a capital either side of the apostrophe
Only UK telephone numbers beginning with 0 are acceptable


“Eligible Insureds” will be any insured who is
• a Chartered Engineer registered with the Institution of Fire Engineers; or
• a surveyor or engineer that has successfully completed the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors EWS1 course for work relating to all part A’s and part B’s (of the EWS1 form) up to eighteen (18) metres

Additional Insured

Please enter any additional insured to be noted on the policy. Additional insured should be added if there is more than one surveyor completing the assessment on an individual building or an additional surveyor(s) need to be brought in to complete the assessment on behalf of or to assist the primary insured.